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Welcome to Nay Polymers. We are Manufacturers of Chemical Resistive, PTFE Lining and Coating in Vessels & Pipeline, PTFE Coating on BOPP Tape, Textile Drying Cylinder and Printing Roller


PTFE PTFE Products


Our organization fabricates PTFE products which can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. We manufacture these products in PTFE vergin reprocess and filled grades. Special grades as per your critical requirement can also be provided. We can also provide you with CONDUCTIVE PTFE.. Kindly inquire for an out of the world offer.

PTFE Moulding

We are the only manufacturer of FEP ENCAPSULATED 'O' RING in INDIA. We offer FEP ‘O’ RING with EPDM,NITRILE,SILICON,VITON .... inner core. We present a wide array of PTFE Moulding fabricated from best quality raw material.. Our wide range of PTFE Moulding comprises of Rod, Bush, Sheet, Rings, Gasket, T Bush, Elliptical Bush, T Bush, Line Bellow, Valve Bellow, Cresent Ring, 'O' Ring, Cone Bush, Mercury Seal, Washer, Vaccum Seal Etc.

PTFE Coating

We offer high quality PTFE coating for Drying Cylinders, Xerox Rollers, Pharma Vessels, Sensors Etc. These coatings are of high performance and corrosion resistant. Apart from this, we are also offering customized solutions in accordance with the specifications of the clients. Our product mainly ranges viz. FEP , PFA , PTFE , PEEK , PVDF , HALAR(ECTFE) , ETFE , PP , HDPE , NYLON.

PTFE Gland

We are prominent manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent range of PTFE Gland. Our entire range is manufactured using quality raw material. And our range comprise of Teadit Expanded Ptfe Products.

PTFE Plastics

Poly Tetra Fluoro ethylene PTFE is truly a unique material and still the most widely used of all the fluoro polymers. PTFE has a combination of chemical, electrical and thermal performance unmatched by any other commercially available material. Resulting in an engineering material with an extensive range of applications encompassing a wide range of industries. Characteristics: Outstanding chemical resistance Superb electrical insulating properties A wide working temperature range from 260°C down to liquid nitrogen temperatures (-260°C) And a very low coefficient of friction, resulting in unique non-stick behavior. PTFE is resistant to virtually all chemical even at very high temperature and pressure. It is only affected by elementary fluorine, strong fluorinating agent and molten alkali metals. Temperature range: -200degC to +260degC .

PTFE Lining

We are the supreme supplier of PTFE Linings. PTFE lined components includesLined Pipes, DIP Pipes, Sparger, Ball Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, Lined Vessels etc. PTFE lined components are made using high quality PTFE which provide strength and is highly durable. You can obtain these PTFE components at reasonable prices.